lundi 1 novembre 2010

Is not just their bad treatment

nt where they can not tell whether it is weird.
She remembered a cousin to the palace to see Zhao Zhao Princess is eyes, she decided to choose an auspicious day to find her to ask.
Although the people of her long beautiful cousin, but in her view is only useless vase, married princes Murong Jin Zhao for two years, not only could not climb it was Princess of the place, even a son and heir are not pregnant .
At this offspring is a pain in the hearts of Xiang Fei, she graces the past six months has been, and this dip a lot of rain, but can not stomach what happened.
She suddenly thought of walking on the road this is still snow in the pharmaceutical, who comes from the Mu does have a chance to ask her if she had anything to progesterone drugs.
Toffee turned back to the government was surprised to find the clear stand behind her, eyes can not see the wisdom of the hidden meaning.
Cooling off some timid, is not just their bad treatment?
I saw toffee on the clear, "you come with me to my room again."
The clear nod, with her back to the room, but the way she was a little uneasy.
② gift Kam
Into the hall, the toffee into her room with her, then carved mahogany bed room Three Friends of Winter accompanied the Manzhang pale green, very heavy sense of rhyme.
On one side stand the clear, toffee since carved out of the batch fabric cupboard.
The light house is not very bright, but still can see the scenery that fabric gives off light.

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