lundi 1 novembre 2010

Looking at her

Toffee a soft laugh, "the time such as water, three decades ago was actually a flash thing."
Toffee watching the material, "It Satin is give you, can not let you use their name, wronged you!"
Took the road that the clear material, "Now you have a mother is love Princess, the clear that there is no aggrieved." She knew because she did not relax the appearance of the emperor today, with their delicate relations between some.
Toffee nodded, "You are the cardinal principles, know how to size up the situation of the children! After the palace from top to bottom you should all rely on, and rush you to duck out of the Chou Duanzhuang to accompany Fanggong Zi, where the teacher is the capital of Kyrgyzstan craft in the best clothes, you choose to select appearance, satin body with this new clothes now! "
Qingqing thanked.
Fanggong Zi, Fang Shaoqi is name across her mind again, a pool of quiet water of the lake seems to be disrupting a pebble, thrown up a circle of ripples.
Toffee said she would be safe going to the temple by the study, the clear will retire in a.
Out of the bedroom, she put away the Jinxia satin mandarin ducks to the lobby to wait.
~ ~
Ten more are expected today, people cheer for me, oh ~ ~!
Jin back to the palace of the ① Murong
The clear just feel a little headache, she gently massage his temples with your fingers, did not think toffee before or eolian origin, from kept woman to become emperor is concubine, which must have been a lot of twists and turns of the process.
She will not feel Toffee is not a simple figure, but the deep wisdom in her eyes, to make people afraid in front of her pretensions.
Mandarin is the main child happy in the side of the road, "such a beautiful satin Mandarin is also the first to see the point of it! Seems Toffee really love Princess." She was life-like motifs on satin attracted.
They just went door of the court, just step to the front foot, a figure suddenly appeared in front gently, she can not help but instinctively call out a cry, that he and Yang Jin is back!
Murong Jin is surprised a moment, looking at her, how she would appear here that day, she is not absolutely determined to leave?
Have not looked back even look back, his face tight Bengzhuo, in the eyes of fiery eyes sort of looked at her question.
What is the motive here?
The clear look at his gloomy face, may be due to not sleep well, seeing slightly below the glowing blue,

"your mother was Princess Princess

The clear gently stroked a bit, satin soft and delicate, as if the baby is face in general, mandarin ducks playing in the water above the decoration is the same as if alive, but actually the opposite of the clear double-sided fabric looked embroidery.
Not help the praise, "It pretty material." Climax of the manual techniques so she was very amazed.
Toffee a slight laugh, "This is the Suzhou Jin Xia satin, satin is the best the world. We were young when they are looking forward to have such a piece of satin."
The clear soft word, "your mother was Princess Princess, everything is not a sheltered it?"
Toffee smile gently shook his head, "say you probably would not believe the mother when the young Princess who are in the brothel is."
Cooling off some surprise at her, so calm and did not expect her to tell her own past.
Only echoed the clear, "Temptress Moon come from the ancient land of talented woman."

Is not just their bad treatment

nt where they can not tell whether it is weird.
She remembered a cousin to the palace to see Zhao Zhao Princess is eyes, she decided to choose an auspicious day to find her to ask.
Although the people of her long beautiful cousin, but in her view is only useless vase, married princes Murong Jin Zhao for two years, not only could not climb it was Princess of the place, even a son and heir are not pregnant .
At this offspring is a pain in the hearts of Xiang Fei, she graces the past six months has been, and this dip a lot of rain, but can not stomach what happened.
She suddenly thought of walking on the road this is still snow in the pharmaceutical, who comes from the Mu does have a chance to ask her if she had anything to progesterone drugs.
Toffee turned back to the government was surprised to find the clear stand behind her, eyes can not see the wisdom of the hidden meaning.
Cooling off some timid, is not just their bad treatment?
I saw toffee on the clear, "you come with me to my room again."
The clear nod, with her back to the room, but the way she was a little uneasy.
② gift Kam
Into the hall, the toffee into her room with her, then carved mahogany bed room Three Friends of Winter accompanied the Manzhang pale green, very heavy sense of rhyme.
On one side stand the clear, toffee since carved out of the batch fabric cupboard.
The light house is not very bright, but still can see the scenery that fabric gives off light.