lundi 1 novembre 2010

"your mother was Princess Princess

The clear gently stroked a bit, satin soft and delicate, as if the baby is face in general, mandarin ducks playing in the water above the decoration is the same as if alive, but actually the opposite of the clear double-sided fabric looked embroidery.
Not help the praise, "It pretty material." Climax of the manual techniques so she was very amazed.
Toffee a slight laugh, "This is the Suzhou Jin Xia satin, satin is the best the world. We were young when they are looking forward to have such a piece of satin."
The clear soft word, "your mother was Princess Princess, everything is not a sheltered it?"
Toffee smile gently shook his head, "say you probably would not believe the mother when the young Princess who are in the brothel is."
Cooling off some surprise at her, so calm and did not expect her to tell her own past.
Only echoed the clear, "Temptress Moon come from the ancient land of talented woman."

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