dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Suddenly feel the clear

Before he,d open, clear the heart beating strongly pressing the ball rolling, said, "I,m back."
She practiced a variety of this is prologue, but in the end only the words spoken.
This man is expression, people feel there is a feeling of oppression, suddenly the brain also had a plan to lay the transient becomes blank.
Jin laughed Murong Jisi disdain, "is not to say, do not do the king responsible? How it is back too!?"
Looked at him in the eyes of disdain, and even a winner of the arrogant attitude.
Suddenly feel the clear, I am afraid to stay here only if the future was in dire straits.
Once again, leaving her heart the idea around the corner.
However, this time, unlike last time.
Do not know the situation outside of that, but this time is just around the corner though, but still hang around.
Jin back to the palace of the ② Murong
This time, just listen to a voice behind him, "Jin Er, you,re back." Is a toffee, discourse in love with.
Frost Murong Kam just hung up the general is face suddenly smile, quickly stepped forward, "is ah! Son returned home these days to worry about the Princess."
It finally just embarrassing, temporarily stranded.
Cooling off a bit nervous of the wrung his hands, she felt his fingertips full of cold.
Toffee cheerful Murong Kam Road, on the profound meaning of "princess back, you take the couple to live it!"

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